Get Ready to Spread the Game, by Helping Every Lacrosse Player Get a Real Book.
I would like to help out by ordering up a package of "Commandments of Lacrosse" Books to be Shared with My Team/Club or Other Players around the World


The Commandments of Lacrosse book retails from $14.97-$19.97 on various websites plus tax and shipping!  Get drastically reduced rates by purchasing them in bulk and sharing them with players from around the world in our "One Player, One Book" movement!
  • ​​Option 1: 1 Book for just $15.00 (includes S/H in the USA)
  • Option 2: 5 Books for just $50.00 or $10.00/book (Includes S/H in the USA)
  • Option 3: 10 Books for just $75.00 or $7.50/book (Includes S/H in USA)
  • Option 4: 25 Books for just $175.00 or $7.00/book (Includes S/H in USA)
  • ​Option 5: 50 Books for just $325.00 or $6.50/book (Includes S/H in USA)
  • ​Option 6: 100 Books for just $600.00 or $6.00/book (Includes S/H in USA)
  • ​Option 7: 200 Books for just $1000.00 or $5.00/book (Includes S/H in the USA)

"People will take away a lot of good pointers from it"

I've read through it and think a lot of people will take away a lot of good pointers from it.  I like how simple it is so a novice can pick up on it, but also ties in inside info that a true player knows
-Harry Alford and All American Goalie University of Maryland
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"Great job explaining the Wellness Factor..."

Nice Job, You did a great job explaining the wellness factor of the game.  You hit on the mental, emotional, social and physical parts of the game. 
- Joe Adams, All American Attack, Cortland State University and West Genesee Alumnus and Lacrosse Coach

Grab Your Digital Copy of the Commandments of Lacrosse Here and Get Updates on our 1 Player 1 Book Movement.

After You Submit Your Details You Will Be Redirected To the Bulk Order Page For the Books...Be Sure to Check Your Email and Inbox for All Folders on How to Get Access To the Commandments of Lacrosse Digital Copy!

Lacrosse Players Around the World Thank You!
Right now you can take part in a huge movement to help spread the game of lacrosse.  Having spent time in Kenya, Belize, Solomon Islands and other places through my life, I often had a lacrosse stick in my hand and shared my love for the sport.  In 2012 I personally brought over 30 lacrosse sticks and some equipment to school in Kenya (As seen below) and want to continue this growth.

With National teams popping up in various areas of the globe, it shows were are on the right path.  Providing these lacrosse players, coaches, fans and officials with the right strategies and tips for both the mental and physical aspects of the game is crucial for continued growth.

The Commandments of Lacrosse hits on 50 key strategies that help person become a better teammate and player of the game.  This book hits on points that are applicable in both the boys/men's and girls/women's game of lacrosse and has been enjoyed from kids aged 5 and up.

Now you can help spread the game and provide books for your favorite group, club, school or team.  Just enter your name in the form above to get the process started and so that you can also get our updates on when we continue to send books to new places!
  • Commandments of Lacrosse 50 Strategies and tips to become a better player in the game both mentally and physically
  • Daily Journal Newly added section helps players capture and keep track of their progress.
  • Wall Ball Access to one of the best drills to develop coordination in the game of lacrosse

"It is my new Lax Bible"

This is awesome!  It is my new lax bible.  I will be sharing this directly with my three daughters.
-Kenneth Major Club Lacrosse coach, Camillus, NY
We will do our best to provide images, testimonials and updates from the lacrosse players you help out when they get the books you purchased.  We will also communicate with you to determine the best delivery for your book order and whether you want it delivered to one of your local teams/clubs or to one that is mutually decided upon between us.  As these books require physical printing, shipping and will then be distributed among a variety of locations and between many players we are unable to provide a monetary refund.  If there is an issue with the book itself with printing and readability, then we will secure better copies for you with proof of the issues at hand with book.
Thanks in advance for your support and I look forward to working with you in sharing the growth of the game!

Dave Gardner
110 Gullino Ave
Camillus, NY 13031
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